A Note from our Founder, Kevin Bracy:

The REACH One journey began in Jan 2013.

Having been a speaker for 15 years, I had become known as the anti-bullying guy they called in to speak to middle and high school students. I was traveling from school to school; I would get there, grab the mic, step onto the stage, usually a gymnasium or school theater, and get everyone fired up by telling my story. Overcoming a difficult childhood is part of what made my approach to bullying unique. I was teaching anti-bullying through the eyes of a bully. Somehow, the story of one of my most regrettable personalities during my middle and high school years made an impact with students and the word spread. My brand as an anti-bully speaker had begun.

Going from assembly to assembly throughout 2013, I began to lose my fire- not for speaking- but for motivating people through an assembly. My heart was yearning to make more of a difference and I discovered the reason why... I realized I was leaving “residue” where I wanted to leave “residual”. I wanted to make deep-rooted, systemic change for the next generation but I wasn't sure how to make that happen yet.

One evening in October of 2013, my family was having dinner at my Momma-in-Love’s (Mother-in-Law) house, Suze. If you know my mother-in-love, she is all about serving others, especially at her home. Everyone was eating and Suze sat down last as she always does; as she finally settled in with her plate she said, "Kevin you're doing an awesome job with the kiddos in schools", then she turned to get up and grab something from the kitchen and she said, "Each One Reach One". I said, “Wait a minute, what did you say?” and she said, "Each One Reach One". I thought to myself, "Oh my greatness!" “THAT'S IT, Mom! THAT'S IT!!” Suze had no idea what she had started, but for me, she had just shifted the entire focus of my message and had given me an approach to one of my questions; How could I make a positive impact on a good percentage of students on campuses? The answer became clearer, I could use my assembly platform to influence them to focus on something simple; something they could do daily to make a difference in the lives of those around them. I had grown weary of talking about the problem, it was time to act toward a solution!

The next day, I had an all-school assembly at Lincoln High School; I delivered the same assembly message as always because it was working… but this time at the conclusion of the assembly I had everyone put their Ones up and say, "Each One Reach One"! The whole school was chanting it and it was music to my heart.

The day after that, I had an assembly at my Alma Mater, Mesa Verde High School and did the exact same thing. This time, a lady was there from San Juan Unified School District Prevention Programs by the name of Renee Mello. I had only met her one time before but, after my Mesa assembly, Renee waited and watched patiently as students came up to me crying, giving side hugs or telling me their stories after hearing mine. After everyone in the gym had left, she came up to me and said, "The kids in our district need you, they need your message along with our message to influence a generation of tobacco free students. Our students need your program". I loved hearing that, but I had to admit “It’s not a program, it's only a chant.” She persisted, saying, "Whatever it is, our kids need you and your story. We need your PROGRAM.” I caught the message and, at that very moment, the idea for the REACH One Alliance was born. Over the next few months, with intense focus, effort, and passion, I gathered my R1 team and we created a program that I am proud of, a program that works and will be my Legacy of Compassion, Kindness, Inclusion, Service, and Greatness.


It is the mission of The R.E.A.C.H. One Alliance to:
Create a momentous positive shift in school climate.
Reduce the stress, frustration, and fear factors associated with bullying on campus.
Empower students to be Leaders in Action who are proactive in the areas of acceptance, character, and compassion.
Create an environment of inclusion.
Increase student engagement.
Encourage a generation of tobacco-free students.

The core message of the REACH One Alliance:
At Home, in the Classroom, on Campus, during Extra-Curricular Activities and in the Community, every student has the capacity to responsibly choose to make a positive difference in their environment.


Within the framework of "EACH ONE, REACH ONE," our vision is to encourage, empower, and coach today’s youth (Leaders in Action) to connect with at least one person with the daily intention to practice Compassion, Kindness, Inclusion, Service, and personal Greatness on campus.

For students who commit to our challenge to change the world, schools can adapt our REACH One principles into a formal club. The school/community-wide movement will create impact with dedication to the R1A DAILY Plays of the Day, WEEKLY Huddles, and MONTHLY School-wide Kindness which are designed to keep the message fresh, the students engaged and the focus on specific action while positively influencing school climate. This program can be customized to support your school’s specific needs and create maximum impact on your campus.

Building relationships in our Community is important to us. We strive to make a difference where we live. As a result, we return to R1 schools as often as our schedules permit to show our support to our REACH One Family.